Exton, PA Myofascial Massage Release Therapy

The Exton, PA Myofascial system is a complicated one. Fascia is a continuous network of fibrous connective tissue beneath the skin that surrounds all of our muscles, bones, blood vessels, nerves and organs. Restrictions in the fascia caused by trauma, injury, surgery and inflammation reduces flexibility and mobility that can contribute to the skeletal system moving out of alignment. This type of massage is used to release tightness and pain caused by these restrictions in the facial system. It is a safe stretch and low load massage that is gentle and non-invasive. The effectiveness of Exton, PA Myofascial Release in releasing tightness and reducing pain caused by restrictions in the fascial system has made MFR a sought after treatment.

Exton, PA Myofascial Release involves the stretching and release of the fascia to improve blood flow allowing the body more freedom to move. Myofascial Release (MFR) is a massage therapy focused on enabling and releasing muscular tightness and shortness. Myofascial release massage is to be done only by licensed and experience massage therapists at West Chester Massage and Bodywork.

Myofascial Release massage therapy is an effective treatment used after losing flexibility or function due to an injury or chronic pain in back, shoulder, hip, or virtually any pain in the soft tissue. Excessive pressure on muscles and joints is the best way to relieve pain through this type of massage therapy.

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