Deep Tissue Massage

 Deep Tissue Massage Deep Tissue Massage is a therapy that utilizes firm pressure and slow strokes to reach the deepest layers of tendons, muscle tissue and fascia. This type of therapy is used to treat chronic pain in areas where muscles are contracted or shortened. Using some of the same strokes as Swedish massage therapy, Deep Tissue massage is effective in breaking down scar tissue, adhesions and releasing trigger points that restrict blood flow, contribute to inflammation and limit range of motion.

Normally a 60 – 90 minute session, the most common techniques used are Stripping and Friction. Stripping involves the application of deep gliding pressure along the muscle fibers. Using forearms, elbows, knuckles and thumbs, stripping lengthens muscles fibers and brings fresh blood to the tissue and helps to restore muscle health and accelerate healing. Friction is another technique that uses pressure across the muscle fiber and around bony landmarks. These techniques are very effective in restoring muscle balance, increasing blood flow, reducing pain, and improving mobility. Studies show that this massage can also reduce blood pressure and stress contributing to a greater feeling of well being. Deep Tissue massage requires communication between the practitioner and the client and should elicit a “feel good pain.” A deep tissue massage by Diane Cellini is a great way to make you feel better and actually has real medical benefits.

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