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The client is warmly greeted and escorted to the Paoli, PA treatment room where an informal consultation is conducted. A health history and assessment of the client’s needs are discussed and a personal treatment plan is then implemented. The client is then given privacy to undress to their level of comfort.


Massage Session

Each massage starts with grounding and an intention for healing followed by CranioSacral Therapy, a gentle touch that helps to relieve restrictions in the soft tissues that surround and calm the central nervous system. Following is aromatherapy and a scalp massage to further relax and calm the nervous system.

Paoli, PA Myofascial techniques are then implemented to prepare the body for deeper work and loosen the fascia; a web of connective tissue that extends from head to toe and surrounds all the muscles, organs, blood vessels and nerves.

A blend of Corrective Therapeutic Massage which incorporates Paoli, PA Advanced Deep Tissue Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy is then implemented. Neuromuscular Therapy aka Trigger Point Therapy is a bodywork that addresses trigger points. Trigger points are irritated muscle tissue that causes the person to feel pain somewhere else. Trigger points can cause sensations of burning, cold or a feeling of deep and intense pain. They can be caused by trauma due to an accident or fall, repetitive motion, stress and anxiety or posture.

The modalities used in Trigger Point Therapy are Stripping, Ischemic Compression and Cross Fiber Friction.

Stripping involves slow, deep, gliding strokes along the muscle fibers. Stripping releases muscle tension and lengthens tight muscles. When muscles are contracted they are shortened and blood flow is restricted. Stripping allows fresh blood to flush the muscles, providing oxygen and nutrients necessary for healthy function.

Ischemic Compression is pressure applied directly to the trigger point to the verge of discomfort. This modality increases blood flow to the area, removes cellular waste, supplies oxygen and helps the area to heal.

Paoli, PA Cross Fiber Friction is a deep, non-gliding circular motion used to soften adhesions and scar tissue. Application is at attachment sites specifically tendons and ligaments. Tendons and ligaments are both connective tissue. Tendons connect bone to muscle and ligaments connect bone to bone.

Swedish Massage is integrated into all massages to induce relaxation and sedation. Paoli, PA Tapotement, a Swedish tapping stroke is used to stimulate the nervous system after work on the back is completed. Stretching, strengthening and range of motion is conducted throughout the session to increase joint mobility and flexibility.

All sessions end with grounding and the client is then left to dress. Diane returns with water to flush out toxins and cellular waste. The client is re-evaluated again for change and improvement. The follow-up appointment is scheduled.

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