Paoli, PA Neuromuscular Therapy

Paoli, PA Neuromuscular TherapyPaoli, PA Neuromuscular therapy also referred to as Trigger Point therapy is an advanced Deep Tissue technique using applied pressure for 10-20 seconds to release trigger points. A trigger point is very irritated soft tissue that refers pain to other parts of the body. A trigger point is caused by injury, poor posture and postural imbalance, repetitive use, stress and anxiety. When a muscle is tight or contracted by overwork or injury it creates an inflammatory process. The hypertonic or overdeveloped muscle becomes restricted of blood flow. When a muscle is not receiving enough blood, it’s also not receiving enough oxygen and nutrients to sustain a healthy balance. Paoli, PA Tight muscles compress on the nerves. Nerves are the pain messengers and send messages via the nervous system which is comprised of the brain and spinal cord.

Trigger points are quite the phenomenon. Some have suggested trigger points or referral pain is caused by over-stimulation in the nervous system caused by too much pain.

Diane Cellini of West Chester Massage and Bodywork is trained and experienced to perform this very effective technique. Partnering with her Paoli, PA clients, Diane communicates while performing this technique to insure that the pain response is a “pain that feels good” response.

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